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Supes Approve More Funding For Windsor Veterans Housing Project – Urban Housing Communities LLC closed the budget gap by deferring additional developer fees, increasing the amount of.

While it may constitute a relatively good measure of price changes in. to Social Security payments and other government-funded programs,

Menendez, Van Drew, Kim show divide on border funding, Booker misses roll calls – The Senate conducted votes last week on two distinct approaches to delivering $4.6 billion in additional funding to.

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Emergency Financial Preparedness Toolkit Mortgage Masters Group Public-Philanthropic Partnerships Intro page | HUD USER – The Secretary’s Awards for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships recognize excellence in partnerships that have both transformed the relationships between the sectors and led to measurable benefits in housing and community development, including increased economic development, health, safety, education, workforce development, disaster resilience, inclusivity and cultural opportunities.

How to Measure Outcomes of a Program – Social Solutions – Data Evaluation – Last but not least, you can’t just decide how to measure outcomes of a program and then walk away. Outcomes management systems need to be evaluated regularly, generally on an annual basis to make sure they are still serving the needs of both the organization and any funders on the particular program or project.

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Measure R – Wikipedia – Funding. The ballot measure created an ordinance called the Traffic Relief and Rail Expansion Ordinance, which included an expenditure plan defining specific projects to be funded, timeframes for availability of funds, and expected levels of funding. The ordinance became effective on 2 january 2009 and is set to expire in year 2039.

The latest on Hoboken e-scooters, Sunday booze, and open space funding – The measure passed unanimously. Before voting yes. Sponsored by First Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, the ordinance would.

About IOC Olympic Solidarity : IOC Funding for MNAs | Training | ISAF. – The aim of the IOC Olympic Solidarity commission is to manage funding to NOCs recognized by the IOC, in particular those which have the greatest need of it.

So How Accurate Are These Smartphone Sound Measurement Apps. – NIOSH has released a free smartphone sound measurement app for iOS devices . For more info and to download the app, see the NIOSH.

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Measure R | Funding – – Proposition A. key funding source was the first to generate revenues that were used to build the Metro Rail system and a host of other rail and bus projects. Proposition A was the first of its kind to bolster the County’s ability to respond to gridlock and mobility challenges in.

Measure A – Home – Measure A is a transportation measure that was approved by 79% of Santa Barbara County voters in November 2008. Measure A is administered by the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) and will provide more than $1 billion of estimated local sales tax revenues for transportation projects in Santa Barbara County over 30 years.